Ellen Xylander 

Ellen Xylander entered the music scene with a top 5 placement at Norway's official hit chart, -VG-lista 2011-, and  Itunes-top chart-listings as well as radio listings in Norway, USA, Sweden and Greece. In 2012 she placed top 10 on Itunes top chart with "Try to Catch me", a song written for the Norwegian recording artist, author and Dancing with the stars-winner, Lene Alexandra. In 2014 recording artist Michelle Aavitsland will release her second album, written by Ellen Xylander.


Born in Oslo, Norway, partly Swedish, grew up in Lier, Buskerud. Has later been living years in Scotland, Australia, Sweden, Denmark.  Returned to Oslo in 2006; since 2009 been working with her debut album in USA, Germany, Sweden and Norway. Ellen Xylander is graduated within music, journalism, graphic design, communication and fitness. She graduated as a journalist in 2001 from Journalisthøgskolen, Oslo, and was the first student to have her dissertation published and released as a book. With this she took part in different radio and TV-shows with her work. Among others Holmgang, TV2, and NRK news. Her publication is titled: "Virkelighets-TV, underholdning i Grenseland" and is a science report and the only Norwegian post-study of participants of reality-TV. From 2009 Ellen Xylander has been working within the music business, running the label Emmody Records, and as a singer and songwriter. She is elected lay judge in Borgarting court of appeal, Oslo, and have helped many loose weight being a diet coach. She also works as a model. In 2012/2013 she was the fitting model of the Clothes chains Bik Bok and Cubus, and got to be a part of designing a pair of leather pants for Bik Bok, the "Ellen"-pants. Ellen Xylander is sponsored by one of Norway's leading industry companies TESS AS.